AISI M50 Tool Steel Balls

AISI M50 Tool Stainless Steel Balls

AISI M50 high speed tool steel balls provide excellent mechanical properties and shock resistance. These Tool Stainless Steel Balls have a higher hardness than the usual AISI S2 balls and also have a better wear and tear resistance. Due to the presence of Chromium the corrosion resistance of this steel is better than AISI S2 balls.

Application: Oil and gas industry, aerospace and applications where temperatures are at the highest.

Chemical composition

%C %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr %Ni %Mo %Cu %Co %V %W
0.80-0.85 0.25 max 0.15-0.35 0.015 max 0.008 max 4.00-4.25 0.15 max 4.00-4.50 0.10 max 0.25 max 0.90-1.10 0.25 max

International Standards and material codes

M50/ T11350 X80MoCrV4 4 1.3551 Y80DCV42 16 BM50 Cr4Mo4V

Technical Properties

Property Type U.o.M. Values U.o.M. Values
Hardness Mechanical [HRC] 60 - 65 - -
Ultimate tensile strength Mechanical [MPa] 2500 - 2700 [psix10^3] 363 - 391

Size Range and grade selection

Product Size Range U.o.M. Grade Capabilities
Balls 3.00 mm to 40.00 mm [mm] GR.20 to GR.2000 as per any international standard.