AISI 430/430F/430L Stainless Steel Balls

AISI 430 / 430F Stainless Steel Balls

Stainless Steel balls are ferritic and unhardened in nature, these balls show good mechanical and corrosion resistance features which are considered to be superior to the martensitic stainless steel. As a standard practice at the Tolia group all stainless steel balls are supplied in a passivated condition.

Application: Cosmetic nail polish, Cosmetic balls, heat exchangers, ball for balves, sprayers, automotive industry and so on.

Corrosion resistance: these balls can withstand steam, air, freshwater, Alkaline solutions, soaps, detergents and so on.

Chemical Composition

Type %C %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr
430 0.120 max 1.00 max 1.00 max 0.040 max 0.030 max 16.00-18.00
430F 0.120 max 1.00 max 1.25 max 0.065 max 0.150 min 16.00-18.00

International Standards and material codes

430 1.4016 Z8C17 430S17 12KH17 1Cr17 SUS 430
430F 1.4104 Z10CF17 441S29 - YCr17 SUS 430 F

Technical Properties

Property Type U.o.M. Values U.o.M. Values
Hardness Mechanical [HRC] 75 - 95 - -
Ultimate tensile strength Mechanical [MPa] 750 - 950 [psix10^3] 107 - 140

Size Range/Grade selection

Product Size Range U.o.M. Grade Capabilities
Balls 3.00 mm to 76.20 mm [mm] GR.100 to GR.2000 as per any international standard.