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Steel Balls -Overview


Bearing steel ball is widely used in the bearing industry as well as a lot in the automotive industry. They have excellent hardness, wear resistance and a extremely polished and superior surface finish with the best dimensional accuracy. Bearing steel balls are also used in grinding media, valves, Ball transfer units and the list goes on.


There are vast options to choose from within the Stainless steel category, and most choices are very much depended on the end application of the steel balls itself. The 300 series have excellent corrosion resistance in comparison to the other stainless steel options, and similarly the 400 series have better wear and corrosion resistance in comparison to Alloy steel. Balls made out of this material are usually used in aerosol pumps, food industry, aerospace, chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, Automotive industry and the list goes on.

We also use salt spray testing as a quality parameter to check the corrosion resistance of the balls.


Rock Bit Balls are mainly used in the drilling applications and hence need to have excellent Hardness, wear and tear resistance as well as shock resistance. We take great pride in developing this material within India and over the years have helped develop the quality of this material.

These balls are usually used in the Oil and Gas sector.